Have you seen the message going around that mentions something like "you have 18 summers with your kid(s)...so enjoy them?"

Well, I don't know about you, but my little people are not newborns - so technically I have less time than that (insert crying emoji here). 

{Different Not Less | The SPECTRUM of Newman LOVE}

{Different Not Less | The SPECTRUM of Newman LOVE}

Our family is loud and proud. We are crazy and fun. When we first tried to start our family, we were told we would never have any kids. After two years of fertility treatments we were blessed with Eli. He came to us with a surprise extra chromosome and was just diagnosed with autism in the fall of 2017.

{SIXTYsecondMOTION | April 2018}

{SIXTYsecondMOTION | April 2018}

Each year, I feel like the month of April is a bit chaotic. And this year was no exception. It was a crazy month - both in emotion and experience. There was good, bad and ugly. 

But I must admit...there was one special highlight that I wanted to share in a special little sixty-second film for my son. 

His birthday is April 22nd and we had talked about his party since his sister's birthday in January. He was very specific - he wanted a blue cake, blue and "lelow bayoons" and decorations and he listed off all of his little buddies he wanted to see there.

Around Our Clocks: February 2018 10am

Ollipop Photography.jpg

There's nothing special about this image except that I'm learning to see and love myself the way you do, sweet girl. Thank you for the reminder and the flowers - because of you my heart stays full ❤. 

Be sure to follow Around Our Clocks. There are many beautiful ladies sharing meaningful moments. Up next, check Heather and how she rocked 10 am!

{Matters of the Heart}

Warriors are not the ones who always win but the ones that always fight
— Unknown

There are always many ways to describe the fight in someone, but often not enough words to highlight the struggle. 

Let me introduce you to the Cagers. I had the honor of following this family who tirelessly embodies every bit of HEART that you can imagine. There’s irony here because the heart is the very organ that has changed their family  forever. 

Ollipop Photography-2567.jpg
Ollipop Photography-2354.jpg


The Cagers have 4 children, all with the same “bad cardiac gene.” But they are only able to hold 3 of those children in their arms. Their oldest no longer able to share her spicy attitude and toothless grin. Never able to meet her 3rd baby brother. Congenital heart defects. The sneaky, silent, unforgiving culprit. 

Her family can never forget. Not only because big sister is in heaven chasing rainbows, but because they have a consistent home at the local hospital for the boys -ALL. THREE. OF. THEM. 

Ollipop Photography-2335.jpg
Ollipop Photography-2363.jpg


Their days less filled with play dates and wrestling on the living room floor or playing football with dad, but instead long clinic hours to check tiny hearts - enough needle pricks, lab draws and cardiac scans to tired the fittest of men. 

Without stuttering, I watched the day-to-day grind of a woman who loves her children beyond the cliché moon, who spoke gently and lovingly, who balanced elementary school drop-offs with teaching online and nursing little brother. And she NEVER gave up. The warrior. 

Ollipop Photography-2370.jpg
Ollipop Photography-2391.jpg
Ollipop Photography-2422.jpg


These parents gracefully leaned unto God to fulfill their roles -sometimes while living on opposite ends of Texas. Him in El Paso and they - Houston STRONG...

Ollipop Photography-2557.jpg
Ollipop Photography-4791.jpg
Ollipop Photography-4827.jpg
Ollipop Photography-4840.jpg
Ollipop Photography-4890.jpg
Ollipop Photography-4925.jpg
Ollipop Photography-4940.jpg
Ollipop Photography-4948.jpg
Ollipop Photography-5033.jpg
Ollipop Photography-5060.jpg
Ollipop Photography-5094.jpg
Ollipop Photography-5202.jpg
Ollipop Photography-5161.jpg

...there's more to this story, so be sure you drop your details below to make sure don't miss out! There's extra special event you will want to see unfold...


{10 on 10 | Introducing Coconut}

{10 on 10 | Introducing Coconut}


We finally have a pet.

One beautiful day this week we loaded up in the truck and headed out to PetsMart. Would you believe me if I told you we spent 2.5 hours in that place?!

Yep…you read that right. TWO. POINT. FIVE. HOURS! I mean honestly, who spends that much time in a pet store??

We went in with the intention of getting a set of Beta fish for the kids. We thought they would be perfect: low maintenance, cool to look at and easy to keep alive. WRONG. I quickly recalled my college days and how I was known to shock a few with fresh water. I found myself unable to keep them alive every single time (there were 3 times, lol). I went through 3 whole fish, each one named in sequence of the previous; Cletus 1, Cletus 2, Cletus 3!

{Buying a DSLR Camera: What You Need To Know FIRST}

{Buying a DSLR Camera: What You Need To Know FIRST}

So you’re finally ready to get your feet wet and get that ‘big’ camera, ay?

Whatever your reason for taking the plunge, there are a few things you must know first. Buying a DSLR is not about just walking into a store (or hopping online) and getting the camera that looks the cutest or that carries a certain brand name.

My friend...

There is so much more than that to consider and trust me - the brand name does NOT say it all. I've got a few things to talk to you about before you head off to spend your dough!