...The Mama Behind the Lens...


Hey there! I'm Jacque {pronounced JA-kee} Jackson....I know, I know...go ahead and say it. Everyone does {wink}. I am a documentary photographer  in Richmond, Texas and I enjoy capturing moments at the speed of life.  Whether it's your family enjoying each other's company on a regular day or a special event like the arrival of a new baby, I believe those memories should be captured exactly how they occurred; leaving only the perfect imperfections for remembrance. 

Have you ever heard that phrase, "The days are long but the years are short?" Though it is used a lot to describe the beautiful mess of parenthood, I like to think of it as a description of all things. I look back over life and wish that I had documented so many of those long days that I now must close my eyes and tilt my head to remember.

Before I put my first career on hold to raise my kiddos, I worked as a pediatric nurse in cardiology.{Learn more about how I help families at OH Baby Concierge} It was there that I really began to learn the value of cherishing and capturing big moments as well as the tiny details of everyday. There is a rawness in those details that I deeply appreciate preserving.

When I don't have a camera to my face {...I just happen to carry my camera everywhere, everyday}, I am usually adventuring with my own 2 'littles' to libraries, zoos and play dates! We enjoy reading and signing together {yes...sign language} and complete lots of crafts indoors to keep cozy in the crazy Texas weather.   

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